Our Mission

A Statewide Coalition

Your Child, a public awareness campaign, seeks funding to educate Michigan citizens about the importance of raising student outcomes in Michigan’s K-12 schools.

Your Child has two goals. First, it will raise taxpayer understanding of Michigan’s current student outcomes and spending, and knowledge of effective K-12 practices in Michigan and other states. Second, it will urge state officials and stakeholders to develop and implement a new child-centered K-12 educational structure.

Soon, a funding adequacy study will be released that will likely urge additional taxation for Michigan schools. If money alone produced high student outcomes, Michigan would rank in the top ten rather than the bottom eighteen states. The inescapable evidence leads back to a structure that cannot produce high outcomes for all.

Political leaders and all stakeholders need to work together to create a different structure that will ensure all children learn to their highest potential. Michigan must turn this crisis into an opportunity to create the schools our children need for their future. For that to happen the public has to understand that there is a crisis.

That is the mission of Your Child: to educate and inform, so all parties – political leadership, teachers, unions, parents, advocates, the business community and other stakeholders – work together to create a system that will better educate Michigan’s children.

We can and must do better!